Classes- Belly Dancing

        Middle Eastern Belly Dancing I-II Students will be taught techniques for learning and improving the quality of movements, body awareness, stretching, and strengthening, expression of the music through the body, rhythms typically found in Middle Eastern music, folkloric and cabaret style dance steps, combinations and transitions. …

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Classes- Tap

  This form of Dance teaches the student the basic fundamental tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms and syncopation. Dancers progress to tap combinations and later, routines incorporate many tap styles such as Broadway, Hoofin, Rythym Tap & Stomp. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement, positioning, weight …

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Classes- Acting, Voice & Musical

Students will learn basic acting and musical theatre performance techniques  While developing self confidence, poise and stage presence.  Emphasis on vocal Projection, character development, memorization, stage directions and Audition Techniques.