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The In-Step Dance Center “Jeweled Program” for all Ballet Classes

The aim of Ballet Class Examinations is to provide an assessment scheme for dance, which gives the basis for the measurement of the Dancer’s progress and development.

This Program AIMS

To educate by providing a progressive awareness of the culture and technique of Classical Ballet through a graded program of training and assessment.  To provide a structured examination system that can be followed by children who are studying Classical Ballet as recreational or for the child who wishes to progress to vocational training in Classical Ballet or other theatrical dance form.  The Level Exams will be graded by visiting Examiners once a semester, The Week before Thanksgiving and the Week before Spring Break, twice a year.  The Jeweled color will determine the color of hip alignment Belt the dancer will wear during class.


tV JEWeled belt


Platinum- Silver

Diamond- White

Sapphire- Blue

Emerald- Green

Ruby- Red

Topaz- Yellow

Amethyst – Purple

Pearl- Pink

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Jeweled Program are:

  • A sense of performance which incorporates a suitable awareness of style and expression
  • Use of space in relation to the other members of the group and the dance area available
  • Rhythmic awareness and a suitable interpretation of the musical qualities
  • Correct alignment and placing of the body to the best of the individual physical facility
  • Appropriate use of limbs, with an understanding of the purpose of each exercise, thus developing motor skills
  • Sense of line and co-ordination of movement
  • An appreciation of artistry, both in own movement and that of others
  • Consideration and respect
  • Creativity within a disciplined environment


Each Dancer will have to adhere to the dress code fully.  Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes and Hair in a bun.  No skirts, shorts or pants allowed in a Leveled Ballet Classes this includes Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes.  Leg warmers are optional.  Pointe Shoes will only be approved by their dance instructor.


Examinations and training help students build stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their futures.



Examples of Level Exams



Positions – 1st, 2nd, 5th

Plie’ – 1st, 2nd, 5th



Pas de chat








Level I

All the Above plus

Port de bras




Ron de jambe


Single Pirouettes



Level II

All the Above plus


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