Pre-Dance Guide

Pre-Dance Program Parent Guide

The main objectives for this class are to help your child…

Develop coordination and motor skills
Learn the correct names and technique for beginning dance steps
Work on balance
Follow directions
Understand rhythm
Working well while dancing with other children
Have a good time learning
And most important to leave with a good self-esteem and courage to try new things

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please be sure to communicate them to me. I want your child to enjoy herself and to have a positive first experience with dance.

I have explained to the girls and ask the parents to help them remember these few rules of the dance studio:

Please use the restroom before class.
No running in tap shoes (floors and taps are incredibly slippery)
No swinging or hanging from the bar.
Make sure to have elastic on their tap shoes
To the parents: pick up on time and drop off on time.
Please also keep in mind during these summer/fall months, it is studio policy to have at least 5 students for the class to make. If only 1-3 students are present for a class, you may choose to have your child take a 40 min. semi-private lesson during normal class time or may attend another class later in the week.

I love teaching dance and I love children. I understand that going to a new place can be frightening for children, so I will do my best to make them feel comfortable. The curtain will remain open for most classes. Toward the end of the season we will close them so we can surprise you the parent with a short performance.

Please contact Miss Dana if you have ANY questions! Lets have a great year.

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