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Performance Company consists of dancers ages 5-18 who train in Ballet, Jazz, tap Modern & Lyrical/Contemporary. The company performs at regional and national level competitions as well as local events and showcases. Please contact us for more information about becoming a company member. Commitment, dedication and hard work are just a few of the characteristics needed to become a company member. Competitive dance is a very time consuming extracurricular activity that can also be very rewarding. Our dancers learn more than just the ability to dance well; they learn the skills it takes to be a good team member, discipline and many more great life skills.

In-Step Dance Company is made up of girls from The Woodlands & the surrounding communities & trains weekly. They are an elite group of young dancers whom are committed to the art of dance. Dance Company is a wonderful way for students to find their love for dance as well as performing. You will see these dancers placing in the Top 10 at many competitions. All styles of dance are offered including Ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, lyrical, and contemporary. Solos, duo, and trios are also offered to compete. We have started 5 different TEAMS for each dancer to have a chance to Dance and Compete. Check out our COMPARISON CHART!

Why Join the Competition Team?

Our competition team teaches children the value of teamwork and working hard towards a specific goal. Throughout the year, the dancers will have multiple opportunities to dance on stage at regional competitions and at local events. Not only do they enjoy the experience, but the gain confidence along the way!


Audition: All dancers interested in joining our team must audition. We schedule our comp. team auditions in May and 2nd audition in August every year. If you are joining us mid-way through the season, please request a private audition.

What to Expect

Our competition team participates in a variety of events throughout the year. Dancers should expect to compete at 4-5 local competitions, 1-2 local conventions as well as perform at local events. Team members will also have the opportunity to fund-raise in order to help pay for competition fees.  Competitions are often scheduled over an entire weekend. We will not know when we perform until closer to the competition date.  These weekends are a great way for dancers to meet new dance friends, be exposed to new/challenging choreography, and to watch other amazing dancers perform.

Next Season we will have NEW company NAMES:

  • Ages 5-7 “SPARKS
  • Ages 7-9 “MINI”
  • Ages 9-11 “PETITE ELITE
  • Ages 11-13 “APPRENTICE
  • Ages 14-16 “SENIORS”
  • Ages 16-18 “ELITES”   
  • Placement is based more on ability along with age.  

Ages are not exact; this is purely an example to help provide a general idea.

Company Dance does cost more than regular dance classes but the instruction in these classes are twice as extensive as your regular class. Company is not just a commitment on the dancer’s part but the parents as well.

How to make the perfect bun

Frequently Asked Recital Questions Answered

Q: Is the recital mandatory?

A: No. The recital is strongly encouraged, but it is not required.

Dear Prospective Parent


Whether you are an In-Step Dance family in our Recreational Program who is considering joining our Company Program, or you are a family of a competitive dancer who is looking to transfer to In-Step Dance Center and join our team, this is the page for you! Here you’ll find the overview of our Company Program. If, after reading this, you think that Company might be a wise choice for your child, we recommend that you either email us at or stop by the office & ask for a Company Info Packet, which contains every detail about Company.


The In-Step Dance Company Program is a pre-professional track designed for providing promising dancers ages 6-18 with accelerated training, additional performing opportunities, and occasions to learn from dance professionals in addition to the In-Step staff. Our Company Program typically has 30-45 students.

We developed the In-Step Dance Company Program for dancers with talent, drive, and commitment. Not all dancers possess all three qualities; In-Step Dance offers recreational classes in all genres and all levels to accommodate non-company dancers. The company program places demand on both the dancers and their families, requiring many hours of practice both in and out of the studio, extra expenses besides tuition, and sacrificing other activities. Ours is a rigorous course of study, but it is not without rewards, of course!

For example, spending so much time together builds relationships that can last a lifetime. Company dancers enjoy a sense of pride over the accomplishments they achieve together with their team. They learn the value of hard work and sacrifice, and build character as they learn to deal with the highs and lows of competition and time management. They benefit from feedback from teachers from around the country at conventions, competitions, and master classes. They also develop their dance potential to a greater degree and faster due to more time spent training and practicing. This is just the tip of the iceberg!


Acceptance into the Dance Company Program is by audition only. We hold auditions in June.   Please refer to the Studio Calendar on our schedules page for exact dates for this year’s auditions, as well as for the date/time of our annual parents meeting, when next year’s plans are revealed!

Dancers who are interested in joining the Dance Company after we have already held auditions may still be able to do so, depending on what time of year it is. Please call our office to set up a meeting with our director to discuss your unique situation: 281-298-7837. We will gladly include you if we can!

Auditions will be held at Sawdust location.

On Audition Day, dancers will be divided into small groups of 3 or 4 and asked to perform the combinations that they learned. Judges will be looking for things like technique, style, memory, confidence, and stage presence. Our judges are the In-Step Dance Center
instructors, as well as dance professionals from outside of In-Step Dance Center to make sure we stay as objective as possible.

Dancers who are not selected for the Company Program or for the groups they tried out for will be emailed a Personal Letter of Explanation containing things to work on & suggestions for classes to take to prepare them for next auditions.  You Could be asked to take summer classes before the next audition.

All Company dancers and their parents are given a Company Info Packet prior to auditions. This packet contains every detail of what’s involved with being a Company dancer at In-Step Dance, including the tentative schedule for the coming year’s events. Participation in the In-Step Dance Company Program requires that both dancers and a parent sign a contract. By signing the company contract, the dancer and parent are stating that they have been informed of, understand, and accept the terms of the Company Program and are committing to abiding by them and fulfilling all duties that come with being involved with Company. It helps to ensure that both dancers and their families understand the level of commitment that we expect from company kids and the time and financial responsibilities that involvement with Company places on families. We abide very strictly by the contract and expect our Company dancers and their families to do so as well.


We consider the In-Step Dance Company to be a dance family, one big unit comprised of dancers of various ages, skill levels, and dance genres. The dance genres represented include ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap, musical theater, Contemporary and hip hop (BEATMASTERZ).

Modeled after professional ballet companies, the In-Step Dance Company is structured in a hierarchy based on skill level, artistic expression, and experience. Every rung on the ladder is important to the overall success of the company. Each age division, Sparkies, Apprentice, Mini, Junior, Petite Elites, Teen, and Senior, contains understudies, company members, and solos/duets/trios. Our Company Info Packet details the responsibilities and limitations of each level of involvement.

Solos, duets, and trios.  These are given at the discretion of our staff; students do not get to choose whether or not they receive one, nor do they have a say in the dance form or fellow dancers they are cast with. Our professional staff discusses the best plan for each dancer for the coming season.  We are once again happy to share with families the reasons behind why we cast kids as we do, but no changes will be made because of these discussions.

The entire Company does dance together in our Production Number every other year.

Company Events

In-Step Dance Company students attend 4-5 regional competitions per year. These competitions are usually held in the spring, and they often last the entire weekend, from Friday until sometimes late Sunday night. Regional competitions will be mostly located in Sugarland/Stafford. Occasionally we may travel to Katy, Pearland, or Austin.

The Company kids enjoy some kind of major summer event at the end of the season. That event may be a national competition either in-state or out-of-state. Each year we select an event that we believe fits both our goals for our dancers as well as what their families are hoping to gain from their Company experience.

All Company dancers are required to participate in 3 in-studio Monthly Master Classes per year. We bring in guest artists in dance and dance-related fields to expand our students’ understanding of teaching and dancing styles, their own physiology and staying healthy, and the possibilities of other careers in the dance field besides just performing. they are held on select Saturdays for 90 minutes each.

Something NEW and fun with The Company will include a Sleepover, which is a lock-in in February when we embellish costumes and props, enjoy a potluck dinner and breakfast, and play fun games that endear the dancers to each other. In February we have offsite dress rehearsals in preparation for competition where we can spread out and use our largest props with ease; these rehearsals are exciting, because it means the first competition is drawing near! Each Company dancer is assigned a Big or Little Sis to love, encourage, help, and give special attention to throughout the dance year. We also celebrate the accomplishments of the season and kick off the next season with a Company bonding event such as a day at MAIN EVENT or the bowling alley in the summer. This event always involves great food, games, and purely social time with our dance buddies!

Company Costs

We work hard to keep Company involvement as financially feasible as possible, but it’s just simply an expensive venture despite our best efforts! We present the financial projections for the season in the Company Info Packet prior to auditions, so when a family commits to our Company Program, they have as complete a picture as possible of what they’re getting themselves into. We also go over these costs at the Parents Meeting,
These projections are as accurate as we can make them with the info we have at the time the Company Info Packets are printed, so costs may be subject to change slightly.
Because Co dancers spend so much time at the studio, and because of the extra financial burden that company events place on them, In-Step Dance Center offers company families additional discounts on tuition.  The Company Tuition Chart details these discounts. Any family with a dancer in the Company Program receives the discounts on this chart; siblings’ and parents’ classes receive Company discounts too, in appreciation for their commitment to and support for the studio. Having a dancer in Company does affect the entire family!

Company tuition is figured on the number of hours that company families dance at In-Step Dance Center per week. The more hours that family members spend in class here, the greater the discount per hour. Please inquire in the In-Step Dance Center office for details on the Tuition Chart.

Costumes for In-Step Dance company dances range from $60-125 apiece. In-Step Dance Company costumes sometimes cost less than this. This is extremely reasonable for competition costumes, which can range in the multiple hundreds at other places. At In-Step Dance, we believe that a lot of creativity and a little sweat equity can go a long way toward presenting our studio as classy and appropriate onstage in competition!

Upon acceptance into Company, we charge a Company Fee $35 per month added to your tuition which covers travel, hotel expenses for staff and instructors, rental of the venue where we hold any offsite rehearsals, production, any special rehearsals, annual membership dues, expenses related to the Company Parties, and this year’s team photos. Additional company dancers in the same family are discounted.

Perhaps the largest single Company expense is entry fees for competitions. For group dances, fees range from $45-60 per person, per dance. Duets and trios range from $50-80 per person, per dance, and solos range from $100-145 per performance. Nationals fees may be slightly higher. Competition fees are due in 60 days prior to your first competition.


If you are interested in your child becoming part of the IN-STEP DANCE Company Program, please contact our office at  or 281-298-7837 and ask for a Company Info Packet. If it is after May & you would like to discuss having your transferring dancer audition, please share your situation with our Director, Miss Dana, and she’ll contact you to set up a private tryout. Best of luck!

PDF Audition Form

Here are some Highlights of our Comp Teams


The Company Focuses on mastering various dance techniques.  Including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Turns/Elevations – This award-winning team ranges from ages 7 yrs – 18yrs old.  They are required to attend a minimum of 4 competitions, 2 conventions, 6-8 hours of dance classes and attend mandatory weekend rehearsals.


This Less intense Dance Team is NEW to In-Step Dance Center.  This is for those dancers who are not sure about the Full Commitment of a Competition Team.  They will have a rehearsal during the week after their technique class.  They will be required to take 3 hours of dance minimum.  They will attend 2 competitions, 1 convention, they will compete/perform in 2-3 dances. 


This is our NEWEST TEAM – the Convention Circuit TRACK Team – This group will focus on training and networking through various dance conventions.  They will be required to perform their solos at each convention.  They will be required to attend 3+ conventions, 3-5 competitions, 2+ Auditions.  They will train and work with today’s leading industry professionals.  6-10+ hours of weekly classes are required.


This is our Award-Winning Hip-Hop Team – this Team is broken down into 4 small teams.  SPARKLE SQUAD (4-6) – MINIS (7-9)– JUNIORS (8-12) – TEENS (10-18).   Each group will do 1 small group and 1 large group dance.  This Team is required to take 2+ hours of dance a week.  


In-Step Dance has their Traditional Pre-Company group.  They are required to attend 2 competition, 2 hours of dance a week and they will learn 2 dances (lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Character) The instructor will decide.



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