“So happy with ISDC! Wonderful instructors! My children have blossomed in the best way. Loving their new found confidence!” -L.H.

“Customer service exceeds our expectations!” -A.M.

“Ms. Dana and her team are awesome!” -G.M.

“Very thankful that any time my concerns are voiced they are promptly addressed and taken care of! My daughter LOVED the recital!” -K.T. 

Everyone was very kind when they answered my numerous questions. As the first dance studio we’ve ever been to, this has been an AMAZING experience “-A.E.

“I would like to thank Ms. Dana for the opportunity to explore my interest in dance at In-Step Dance & Performing Arts Center, Inc. and for allowing me to participate in the numerous In-Step productions. Everyone at the studio is incredibly professional and helpful regarding any questions or concerns I might have. The students and instructors are always encouraging when I am hesitant about learning some of the more technical sequences and it is great to be a part of the growth at In-Step! Last but certainly not least, Ms Dina Vail! You took me on with absolutely zero dance experience and transformed me into a dancer! Working under “The cruel tutelage of Dina vail”, I have learned so much, grace, poise, and the ability to deconstruct and construct complex movements and sequences. It has been a fun journey so far, and I am looking forward to acquiring more and more knowledge about your favorite world…the world of classical ballet!  Also, a big thank you to all of those who have followed me on my movement voyage and showed your support along the way! In-Step Dance is my Home!” -Micah

“I cannot express the gratitude that I have for the professionalism and helpfulness of your company!! My daughter went beyond all of my expectations due to the VERY impressive instruction from Miss Lindsey, Hip Hop II. She was a JOY to have for my daughter, Makenzie, as not only an AWESOME dance instructor, but a professional, kind, compassionate person, along with being an excellent role model. I have never been so impressed with an instructor. Lindsey taught Makenzie to embrace dance, while allowing her to have fun during the process. My extreme thanks to you and your staff for an AMAZING production/recital!!!!! It was perfectly organized, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, along with my parents that came quite a way to see it. Many, many wishes to your company and its future dancers!!! Y’all ROCK!!!!” -A.S.

“Dana, I want to thank you for 6 great years of instruction for Julia. Starting out as a precocious 3 year old who liked to see her reflection in the television when off while she danced, to the dancer she has become today, has been so rewarding to watch. When you asked me if I would consider having her join Pre-Company I remember telling you she had no talent. You saw something in her and believed that you could bring it out and I must say you have! Julia can’t wait to get to the studio every day to practice or attend class. She even goes when she doesn’t have to! I asked her why she went to the studio on her days off and she said it was to practice her turns and routines so she could better herself. The dedication and perseverance she has learned from you and your teachers she will be able to use for a lifetime. I thank you for being a second mother to her and teaching her these life skills, and others, that I also implement at home. Being a working mother and leaving Julia with someone else every day to raise has always been a concern but together I have faith that she will turn out just fine! The love and commitment that I see you give to all of your students amazes me. How you juggle a business, marriage, motherhood, and a plethora of “daughters and sons” who come in and out of your life daily is beyond me. I know there are other mothers who feel the same way I do. Julia is excited about starting her 7th year with you this fall and even more excited to be in Junior Company! It has been her dream since Pre-Company to be with the big girls and now she is. I know you will push her to be the best she can be. She adores and worships you (and the other teachers – but you the most!) and talks about how she too will open a studio one day. Of course this is after she has danced on Broadway!” -L.L.

“Our daughters have been taking classes at In Step Dance and Performing Arts for the last six years. We chose this studio because the classes are small and the caliber of the instructors is excellent. The teachers here are trained and certified in dance and continue to personally develop their skills so they stay fresh and up to date. We liked that they know each child in the class, and work to develop each of them individually. The personal touch shown at In Step is excellent! Our girls have learned how to dance with proper technique, in an atmosphere that has high standards, teaches good values, and is kind and fostering. As they have grown older, and have had more opportunities to dance with other students from around Texas and around the country, we are very pleased with how well taught and how well prepared our daughters are. They take classes with fabulous teachers in house, and have the opportunity provided by In Step to take classes with guest teachers from all over the country, many of whom are premier dance teachers in the industry. Our daughters are very, very happy at In Step.” -M & T S. 

“Dear Ms Dana, I was so impressed with the musical theatre and acting class. Hope and all the kids had a Blast! My son so enjoyed his hipHop class as well. This was his first time to dance and he had a great time. Thank you.” -E.H.

“Dear Ms Dana and Dancers: First of all, I share with you that I thank God for giving me an opportunity of being with all of you for the Dance Workshop back in August. I had a great time, and I hope that all of you shared the same feeling and energy as I did. Ms Dana, thank you for all your kindness, generosity and enthusiasm. From the very start, you made me feel right at home. It was refreshing and a pleasure to be there and to teach hip-hop at your studio. You, and everything that represents your studio are a CLASS ACT !” -P.O.“So happy with ISDC! Wonderful instructors! My children have blossomed in the best way. Loving their new found confidence!” -L.H.


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