Google Classroom


1) Log in/Sign up for Google Classroom with link.

2) At your Google Classroom Homepage you will see 3 icons on the top
right of the screen. A plus sign, A grid of dots, and your Profile
Picture. Click the plus sign and a pop up should ask ‘Join Class’ or

‘Create Class’.

3) Click Join. Another pop up should appear to ask for a ‘Class Code’.
Enter the designated class code for the ISDC Dance Program you

want (ie. Acro = dhxdlh4).

4) After that you should have access as a student to the program and
can begin interacting with ISDC Staff and students online!
BONUS) Try a new/different genre! Now is the best time to explore dance
with this experience at your fingertips. Tag In-Step Dance Center online
and you may be featured on our social media pages!!!


Link to Google Classroom (Sign Up/Login) – Program: Code: Courses:

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