Our Philosophy

At In-Step our philosophy is to demand of each student, whether a dance career is planned or not, the very best effort of which he or she is capable and to give in return the care and attention the student deserves. 

We believe..

IN Technique

Technique can hold back the most artistic dancer or give him/her greater expression.  Because the steps of ballet build from simpler to more complex, a problem of technique in one area will be magnified in other areas.  That’s why learning the basic technique perfectly is so important.  With the proper instruction, virtually any child can learn proper technique and dance beautifully. 

IN Quality Teaching

Quality teaching pays close attention to your child’s artistic development.  But of equal importance, quality teaching pays close attention to your child’s health and safety, as well as their physical and emotional well-being.  In-Step Dance is committed to offering the finest in dance education available in a fun and supportive environment.  All classes are taught by our professional faculty. 

IN High Expectations and Hard Work

We deeply care about all our students and want them to do their very best.  That is why we demand a lot from them.  In-Step Dance endeavors to help each student enjoy, cherish and treasure the hours devoted to their dance training encouraging them to love dance for the sheer pleasure and sense of artistic fulfillment, rather than only for a sense of technical accomplishment

IN Making Dance Training FUN and ENJOYABLE!

Our instructors take great time and care to plan lessons for our students that are not only educational and challenging but FUN!  We believe the only way to encourage students to continue their dance study is to make every moment, whether classroom instruction or performance based, highly memorable.

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