2022 Recital Information

Please look at the schedule that was emailed out to you to confirm which show your child will be in.
If you need another copy or have questions, please email jasmin.isdc@gmail.com.


Rehearsal: 9:30amRehearsal: 11:00am
Showtime: 2:00pmShowtime: 6:00pm



Please arrive early enough to find the name of your dance in the theatre.  The dance names listed will be in the order of the show.  Each Stage Mom will sit with their class.


Doors open 20 minutes before curtain for VIP seating and 15 minutes before curtain for Standard seating.


Guests can park in front of the auditorium, which is on the west side of the building, facing 242.


Tickets go on sale May 5th. The first 8 rows are VIP seats for $35.00 each.  Standard seats are $20.00 each.


Students will not be allowed to take costumes home until all accounts are paid with a zero balance. ISDC is not responsible for cleaning or alterations. Please be sure your costume is ready prior to pictures and the performance. Your child’s teacher will let you know the specifics for your costume head to toe. All ballet, pre-dance and combo classes dancers’ hair should be pulled back in a secure, tight high bun. All shoes should be polished and cleaned up. Pre-Dance classes will have matching hair bows made for their dance. We need one mom from each class to volunteer to make the bows so that each one is alike. All classes need to purchase the same color tights. You will have different colors for each dance. Please purchase directly from: https://www.shopnimbly.com/instep5678 Scroll down to the bottom of this page to “Recital Tights”.


All dancers must have their hair in a secure, slicked back bun and must wear makeup. If your hair is in braids, please pull them into a ponytail. Dancers must be stage ready and dressed in their first costume upon arrival. We will have a private dressing room for them prior to their first dance. Dancers are allowed to bring one small bag (just one!) with their name labeled on it. This is for their shoes, and anything extra needed for the show, including a small water bottle with their name on it.


Don’t forget we will have a ticket pre-sale. Be sure to have your tickets ready at showtime! We will also have a limited number of tickets for sale at the door. Once we sell out, that’s it. Please remain seated during the entire show unless you are the one parent changing your dancer’s costume. Audience members will not be allowed to enter and exit the venue during the show otherwise. Masks are not required for the performance, please understand that your health and safety is your responsibility and your preference.  
After your dancer’s performance, they will go backstage to the private dressing room. Please keep your dancer backstage and with their class until the end of the show. We will have a ceremony at the end of the show, including awards.  Dancers will be given their recital t-shirt and award when they are done dancing.  We ask that everyone stay until the end of this ceremony so that we can cheer on all dancers.


Individual and group photos will be the week before recital. TopScore Photography will be June 7-9th at our Sawdust location. We will NOT have classes at this time. The Picture Day schedule will be available at each front desk, emailed to you and posted on our website.

Videotaping is NOT allowed at the recital; NO cell phones, camcorders, anything. Each family will receive one copy of the show as outlined and paid for in your recital package.  There will be a professional video company taping our show, we promise it’s better than your phone anyways😊   


Show your child how much you appreciate all their hard work by giving them a flower bouquet and/or a Thinking of You ad! Recital flowers are pre-order only and must be paid in full at the time of order. Deadline is June 1st.

Thinking of You: https://forms.gle/XAQNt1mW6Qg2FSS29

Recital Flowers: https://forms.gle/H2hysxEhPoV4j62q8

In addition to personal shout out ads, we have a Program Yearbook Advertisement sales contest that began April 1st. Families may promote their business/commercial ads by purchasing an ad space or the dancer may reach out to local businesses. The dancer who sells the most ads will be featured on the cover of the program yearbook and win ISDC Dance Dollars. Participation in the advertisement sales contest is not required.



We will need parent volunteers per dance for rehearsal and performance.  Please let us know immediately if you would like to volunteer to help.  Your instructor will let you know the duties of a backstage volunteer. These duties are also in your recital handbook.

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