Company Teams

One of the most rewarding extensions of dance is the opportunity to be on a competitive team. In-Step Dance Company is a sought-after recognized group of talented dancers that compete across the state of Texas and beyond. Each year, because of the students’ hard work and dedication to their craft, the dance team receives numerous outstanding honors. 

Our multi-award-winning dance team is held to a higher standard than our recreational students. ISD Company promotes a healthy competitive environment where dancers grow their technique, self-esteem, and confidence. In addition, our members develop friendships that last a lifetime!  “Dance together, friends forever!”

If your child is serious about dance, get ready to surround them with nationally recognized dancers in The Woodlands and Spring area. There are several different divisions based on ability level and age.

The Dance Company (Ages 7-18)

The Dance Company is focused on various dance techniques in over 6 dance styles such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and more. Our elite, national, and regional award-winning teams range from ages 7 to 18 years. Dancers are required to take 4+ hours of dance including 2 hours of ballet, jazz, lyrical, and turns in addition to their scheduled rehearsals. These dancers will compete in five (5) competitions and will be required to attend at least two (2) conventions

Track Team (Ages 10+)

One of our newest company teams is the Convention Circuit TRACK Team. This group will focus on training and networking through various dance conventions. TRACK dancers will be required to attend 3+ conventions, 3-5 competitions, and 2+ Auditions. One of the highlights of this team is the honor of training and working with today’s leading industry professionals. 8+ hours of weekly classes are required for dancers on this team. This group has the opportunity to attend exciting out-of-town conventions and/or competitions. 

Sparkies (Ages 4-6)

This is a non-audition team and by invitation only. Dancers will have a one-hour rehearsal at our Sawdust location on Fridays from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Dancers will compete in two (2) dances at five (5) competitions and will be required to take a 45 minute ballet on Thursdays and a jazz/tap combo class at Sawdust location.

Spotlight (Ages 7-12)

This amazing, less intense dance team is for those dancers who are not ready or unsure of a full commitment of a competition team. Spotlight dance team will have one rehearsal during the week after their designated technique class. The dancer will be required to take three (3) hours minimum of dance that include Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary and Jazz. In addition, the dancer will be required to attend two (2) competitions, which will compete a maximum of 3 dances, and one (1) convention.

Beatmasterz Hip-Hop (Ages 5-18)

ISD Company’s exclusive, multi-award-winning Hip-Hop dance team is broken down into four groups.

  • Lil’ Beatz (5-6)
  • Minis (7-9)
  • Juniors (8-12)
  • Teens (10-18)

Each individual group will participate in their own dance in addition to one whole combined team group dance. Beatmasterz team members are required to take 2+ hours of dance a week.

Lil’ Beatz is a non-audition team and is open to any dancer. Dancers will have one 30 minute rehearsal after their required Hip-Hop class. Dancers will compete in one (1) dance at three to five (3-5) competitions.

NEW WCC Pixies (Ages 4-6)

This is a non-audition team and open invitation to any dancer. Dancers will have one 30 minute rehearsal class after their required triple combination class at WCC on Thursday nights. This means that your student will be with us on Thursday from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Dancers will compete in one (1) dance at three (3) competitions. 

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