In-Step Dance Center offers a wide variety of dance classes in The Woodlands, TX, and musical training for all ages.  We are dedicated to the enjoyable task of not only teaching dance, but also to witness the development of mental and physical growth, coordination, poise, grace, and personality.

If you are a parent enrolling a child with us, we hope that you intend to take an active part in helping us maintain an enthusiastic attitude in dancing for your child at all times. You must place your trust in us to make proper decisions in your child’s best interest. We are confident that you and your child’s dance experience with us will be a meaningful one. Our goal is to instill a passion in your child for the beautiful art of dance.

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Private Lessons
Private lessons may be booked with individual teachers in ½ hr or full hour sessions. Privates dance lessons are completely personalized to suit your needs. We offer privates and semi privates in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Technique, Ballroom, Modern/Contemporary and Musical Theatre/Acting. Drill team Try-Outs, Auditions, Pageants and more. Call to schedule your session. Each Instructor has different rates depending on the style and experience. –Download our Contract
The main objectives for this class are to help your child…
Develop coordination and motor skills. Learn the correct names and technique for beginning dance steps. Work on balance. Follow directions. Understand rhythm. Working well while dancing with other children. Have a good time learning. And most important to leave with a good self-esteem and courage to try new things.
Please see our Pre-Dance guide for more information.
Introduces the style of Jazz Dance to the young dancer. Students are taught basic isolation movements, which will help, further & improve their dance coordination.
This ever popular form of dance incorporates many styles such as Fosse, Lyrical, Character, Hip-Hop, to name a few. The classes are divided to include a warm-up, cross-floor, and technique, ending with choreography set to contemporary music.
Modern Dance (Graham)
Children are introduced to creative movement and encouraged to discover the unique ways in which the body may express itself.  Techniques for enhancing flexibility and building strength are systematically introduced within a nurturing environment suitable for children of this age. (More)

Hip Hop I-III
A smooth, organic blend of urban/hip-hop, contemporary jazz, modern, Latin, techno, and even some lyrical dance with emphasis on staging, presentation and good ol’ fashion style. An eclectic interpretation of hip hop and R&B music, the class encourages students to shed their inhibitions, express themselves and to exercise the biggest challenge of all: TO HAVE FUN. “It doesn’t work if you don’t smile!” The class includes a warm-up focusing on strength, stretch, isolations, and breathing. Then, moves on to a variety of movements across the floor which prepares them to dance. Combinations and choreography are always energetic and fun. A mix of jazz, funk and high energy best describes this class.
This class exposes the young dancer to the skill of ballet that will create a solid foundation for the next level or training.
In-Step is proud to offer several ballet techniques. Russian (Vaganova), R.A.D. Bournonville & Cecchetti. Upper level classes have Pointe, character & Pas de deux classes as well. The dancer maintains and increases their ballet performance in areas such as body alignment, technique, musicality and purity of line and grace. (Pointe is invitation only)
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Jeweled Program
The In-Step Dance Center “Jeweled Program” for all Ballet Classes
The aim of Ballet Class Examinations is to provide an assessment scheme for dance, which gives the basis for the measurement of the Dancer’s progress and development. (More)
This form of Dance teaches the student the basic fundamental tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms and syncopation. Dancers progress to tap combinations and later, routines incorporate many tap styles such as Broadway, Hoofin, Rythym Tap & Stomp. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement, positioning, weight shifts, clarity of tap sound and rhythms.
Turns & Elevations
This class will increase a student’s vocabulary by introducing a variety of turns and leaps and the methods and mechanics to stronger dancing. This class will work on correct alignment and strength needed to improve turning technique and to jump more efficiently.
Lyrical I-III
Classes integrate jazz, ballet, and modern techniques, while focusing on interpreting the lyrics of contemporary music through personal emotions and feelings.  Focus is on fluidity of movement while nurturing the dancer to explore his/her inner passion for dance through lyrical interpretation.
Musical Theater I-II
this is a class that combines singing and dancing! The class will be a combination of original and sometimes zany choreography; often combining ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance with singing. Music of all genres will be used and interpreted providing a truly theatrical experience. Be ready to have some fun! This class is a great workshop for students to use their dance in local theater productions. (More)
Classes- Acting, Voice & Musical
Students will learn basic acting and musical theater performance techniques While developing self confidence, poise and stage presence. Emphasis on vocal Projection, character development, memorization, stage directions and Audition Techniques.

My Voice and Piano
My Voice and Piano offers more than just a once a week 30 minute private lesson. We offer artistry. Included in your tuition, you will receive weekly private lessons, group lessons and multiple performances to gain the confidence needed to entertain. For more information see our web site:
Drill Team Prep
This class will prepare for drill team tryouts. The class will concentrate heavily on kicks to improve on your kick technique – a fun way to learn the correct way to kick. Strengthens and teaches one how to stretch properly. It helps develop coordination, body form, flexibility, rhythm and balance. This class forms the proper back-ground for those interested in trying out for drill team or just to improve in their dance technique. Our students have great success in making the drill team.
Acro / Tumbling
We follow the Acrobatics Arts Syllabus This class is for the dancer who likes to spend time up-side down! This class incorporates tumbling, flexibility, strength building, and technique while using mats. 
Learn dance and gymnastics (without heavy equipment) all in one.  Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic technique. Students will learn such things as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance, & contortion tricks. Advanced Acro Focuses on Aerial Work, handsprings, back tucks.  This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, & strength

Dress Requirements for All Classes

Our center follows a strict dress code policy. This is to ensure that every student is properly attired in order to get the most out of their lessons. Students who do not arrive in the proper attire will be asked to leave and return with the class-appropriate clothing. Our dress code is as follows:

Important: If dress code is not adhere correctly you will be asked to leave and return with proper attire.


Dance Lessons for Students at All Levels

At our studio, our mission is to help students of all ages acquire the necessary skills to enjoy a lifetime of dance. We offer group lessons in a variety of popular and traditional styles. From ballet to modern, tap to Chinese traditional, hip-hop to belly dancing, our classes provide students with the enriching physical and mental experience of dance. We welcome beginners as well as experienced students.

Our after-school and Saturday classes are exciting opportunities for children to discover the budding artists within them. With time and dedication, our students acquire the discipline to perform with confidence and grace. We emphasize the development of proper technique through quality teaching that never loses sight of students’ safety and emotional well-being.

Offering Pre-Dance and Combo Dance Programs

Let your child learn about the joy of dance in our pre-dance and combo classes. Our youngest students receive an age-appropriate introduction to ballet and tap in our Pre-Dance program. Once they have mastered these fundamental skills, they move on to our Combo Classes to build on their technique. From there, dancers may enter into Our Level I-V courses.

All of our dancers, from ages 5 to 18, are welcome to participate on our company team. Company dance classes do not cost more than our standard classes, but the training is more extensive and provides encouragement and growth for our more committed young dancers.

At our center, we also offer dance classes for adults and musical training for all ages. 

Contact us to enroll your child in one of our exciting dance classes. We work with students at our studio in The Woodlands, Texas.

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