Classes- Modern

Modern Dance (Graham)



Children are introduced to creative movement and encouraged to discover the unique ways in which the body may express itself.  Techniques for enhancing flexibility and building strength are systematically introduced within a nurturing environment suitable for children of this age.

Graham Level I- begin to explore basic elements of Martha Graham technique, including use of breath, shift of weight and concepts of spiral. Emphasis is on expanding the possibilities of movement through focus on proper alignment and development of technical skills within a creative environment.

Graham Level II- are introduced formally to basic Martha Graham vocabulary, including physical contraction and release, use of spiral and shift of weight. Learning about the relationship of Martha Graham technique to other art forms such as music, art, and literature helps students experience the power of dance and the process of creative collaboration. Children create their own short dance studies and perform them for their peers.

Graham Level III- learn the classic exercises level I-II  of the Martha Graham technique, including floor work, center work, and combinations across the floor.  In addition, they are introduced to the formal elements of the creative process through study of composition and repertory.  Works suitable to their age and development are choreographed specifically for them. In all programs, placement is by age and teacher recommendation.

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