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Satellite Studio located inside World Champions Centre
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2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

ISDC has been empowering dancers’ dreams for decades. With a strong focus on technique, and a place for our students to call a second home – our dancers flourish. We believe dance is for everyone, so we work nonstop to reach dreams, and importantly, make it affordable.

All Inclusive Tuition

We know our new All Inclusive Tuition will turn heads and be a game-changer for our studio families! Our commitment will always be to our talented students and their supportive parents. So we developed this pricing system to show that commitment. What does All Inclusive Tuition mean? We’re glad you asked! 

All Inclusive Tuition showcases our goal to exceed expectations for a dancer’s year including the end of the year recital. Our studio families are investing in dreams, and we know it helps to simplify our pricing system by putting all dance expenses into one convenient, manageable monthly payment.

All Inclusive Tuition for Recital Classes Includes:
– Recital Costume
– Recital T-Shirt
– Recital Program with Dedication *parent writes a special message to their dancer, printed right inside the program
– Dance Trophy
– Two 100% FREE Recital Tickets for Parents
– 1 Pair of Classic Pink Ballet Tights *for dancers who’s class includes ballet
– Exclusive Performers Only Celebration

So what makes our All Inclusive dance class pricing system AWESOME for parents? NO surprise recital expenses right before the holidays. NO struggling to stay on top of payments. Your account is set up to autopay for you to forget about it. You’ll know exactly how much dance class will cost when you register! We have made clear expectations to make committing to dance class that much easier. Without our exclusive All Inclusive Tuition, we’ve seen performance requirements and dance classes become a big financial burden towards the end of the year. That’s why we created our convenient, affordable, and efficient all inclusive pricing system! You can mix and match recital and non-recital classes or you can do one or the other! Get ready to go ALL in with us!

Tuition is based on number of classes enrolled per month.
Example 1: Dancer takes Recital Ballet on Tuesdays at 4:30pm. Dancer will come to that class every Tuesday of the month, Aug-June for $104.00 a month.
Example 2: Dancer takes Recital Ballet on Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Non-Recital Hip-Hop on Mondays at 6:00pm. Dancer will come to those two classes every Tuesday and Monday of the month, Aug-June for $184.00 a month.


1 class- $104.004 classes- $284.507 classes- $473.00
2 classes- $177.505 classes- $344.008 classes- $535.30
3 classes- $235.006 classes- $407.509 classes- $560.80
Please note that any dancers enrolled after September 1st, may have to have their recital expenses manually allocated by our Enrollment Coordinator to ensure all performance fees are spread evenly through your monthly tuition.


1 class- $80.003 classes- $192.005 classes- $282.007 classes- $392.009 classes- $460.80
2 classes- $144.004 classes- $232.006 classes- $336.008 classes- $444.8010+ classes- $470.00


  • $15.00 off each sibling.
  • $5.00 off per month for 1st responders (Fire/Police/EMS), active duty military and educators for the following school districts: KISD, CISD, SISD, TISD. Verification of profession must be provided and manually applied by a staff member. Discount may not be retroactive for past payments. E-mail your proof of verification to
  • 50% off boys tuition with the exception of recital and costume fees.


  • A one-time registration fee of $59.00 is due at the time of registration for all students.
  • Private Lessons, Competition Teams, Master Classes, Workshops and other special classes are not included in the Tuition Chart.
  • ALL accounts are required to be enrolled with auto payment tuition with a credit/bank card. Tuition is auto drafted on the 1st of each month.
  • Tuition includes all holidays (See studio 2022-2023 calendar.) 2022-2023 season includes 35-38 classes.
  • Classes are not prorated or refunded for illness, inclement weather, holidays or any other reason.
  • Tuition is not prorated monthly. Tuition remains the same whether it is a long week (5) or short week (3) month, and not by the number of classes in the month.
  • Students may make up a missed class within 30 days of the missed class. Please speak with an admin assistant to schedule your make-up class.
  • If you wish to drop a class, you must do so in writing via e-mail to Ms. Jasmin by the 20th of the month to stop auto payment for the next full month.
  • ALL tuition/fees/monies/registrations paid for any and all events/camps/classes/workshops/activities are non-refundable.

Additional Fees, Private Lessons & More

Adult Dance Cards: Any adults 18+ are welcome to dance in our current adult classes or workshops that apply without the commitment of a seasonal enrollment. Dance Cards require a non-refundable $15.00 registration fee, and $200.00 payment due in full for ten (10) Classes. Dance Cards expire 4 months from the date of purchase and can be used for either dance studio location. We also provide a Single Drop-In Class option for $22.00/class.

Rentals: ISDC is blessed with a fantastic facility and we love blessing others with the use of our space. We provide a few options of rentals and prices shown below are not guaranteed and may be subject to change based on availability and use.

  • Payments must be paid prior to rental. Ms. Jasmin will send you an itemized invoice via PayPal.
  • Studio A: $60/hr, $35/30min; Studio B: $45/hr, $25/30min; Studio C: $30/hr, $15/30min.

Please click to view our current Facility Rental & Agreement Information guide for more details.

To book a facility rental, please email

Private Lessons:  Do you or your child learn better independently, or have a specific goal they want to reach? We provide private dancing lessons for one-on-one tutoring from one of our experienced teachers. Each dance lesson will be expertly customized for you or your child to help them reach their specific performance and competitive goals. We provide a few options of private lessons and prices shown below are not guaranteed and may be subject to change based on instructor availability and lesson needs. In addition, each ISDC instructor may have their own fee schedule. Please understand that the following rates may vary with the instructor.

  • $65 per ½ hour
  • $75.00 per hour

To book a private lesson, please email

Please click to view our current Private Lesson Information guide for more details.

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